Nature's complexity draws the viewer into serenity.

Step through artist Ellen (Ellie) Fuller’s door to discover a unique sanctuary where tranquility resides and art, design, nature and beauty merge. It is here in Ellie’s studio- located fifteen minutes north of Santa Fe, New Mexico- that you will escape the stresses of life as you are drawn into paintings that leave you feeling refreshed and nourished.

In this fast-paced electronic world, Ellie’s paintings reintroduce the viewer to the natural world, bringing a sense of connection and renewal. Though often overlooked in the natural world, Ellen’s paintings allow you to see that nature’s beauty lies in its intricacies and minutiae. Animals, birds, stark skeletal trees and dramatic landscapes lure you in with their intimacy and detail. Through Ellie’s paintings, you enter into a sacred space as an invisible witness.

Ellie’s lifelong practices of Qigong, Tai Chi and meditation translate into an energetic flow and personal expression in her paintings. She understands the fruits of concentration and reverence. Each brushstroke is infused with Ellie’s sense of peace, serenity and soulfulness, and there is a palpable transference of this energy from the painting to viewer.

Over the years, Ellie has spent much time in solitude examining things closely. When asked about the way her close observations translate into brushstrokes, Ellie has stated: "Drawing or painting an ordinary object I realize how extraordinary it really is, a sheer miracle. I become relaxed and alert. Words recede and the awareness of the passage of time fades away. I instinctively merge with the animal or bird and it is then that I feel a profound understanding of its world as well as the interconnectedness of all living things."

Before putting acrylic paint to canvas, I study the animal or bird’s habitat, movements, musculature, and bone structure. Through intimate knowledge of my subject matter, I am able to capture the distinct personalities of each animal or bird which keeps my paintings from being formulaic. The frequent use of a magnifying glass and subtle layering of glazes allows me to create a rendering that is anatomically correct.

Once I am able to capture its true likeness, I come to understand each animal, object or bird’s true essence. When I draw or paint something it becomes part of me. I remember it forever."